VA Express commuter traffic for Valmet Automotive

Vainion Liikenne takes you from Turku to Uusikaupunki car plant

From July 1st on, Vainion Liikenne will operate a daily commuter line between Turku and Valmet Automotive car plant. The timetables match the work schedules of the plant, but all passengers are free to use the buses.

The buses leave from the Turku bus station and stop on the way on several bus stops. At the Uusikaupunki the line runs via the car plant and terminates at the bus station. Download the timetable here.

See how to get aboard Kyyti

VA Express buses accept the mobile tickets issued by Valmet Automotive to its workers as well as  cash, Matkahuolto tickets (except commuter passes) and all common credit and debit cards.

Valmet Automotive employees have a chance to buy discount mobile tickets provided by the Kyyti service. Read more on the Kyyti website.

Other passengers are also welcome aboard. Check the ticket prices from the Matkahuolto site.