Ticket information

Single fare

A Single fare is the price of a one-way trip on the bus as set by the rate. We accept cash and bus tickets sold by Matkahuolto. Debit cards and  the most common credit cards are accepted in Express lines only.

Childrens fare

Children under 12 years of age pay half the normal price. Every adult is allowed to have two children under the age of 4 years with him/her.

Teen fare

Teens 12–16 of age pay half the normal price on all trips over 60 kilometres.

Student fare

Students with a Matkahuolto-approved student card get a 50% discount on all trips over 60 kilometres

Senior and pensioner fare (over 65 years)

All passengers over 65 years of age get a discount on trips over 45 kilometres on regular routes and over 60 kilometres on express routes. Pensioners under 65 years of age receive the discount with a KELA-card marked “eläkkeensaaja” or with Matkahuolto-approved pensioners card.

Servicemen and civil servicemen fare

Servicemen and civil servicemen receive a discount on all trips over 60 kilometres when paying with cash and presenting a military or civil service card.

Internet ticket

It's also possible to buy tickets from the Matkahuolto webshop www.matkahuolto.fi. The webshop offers also a wide selection of discount tickets. A web ticket can be bought max. 30 days before the trip and must be bought min. 30 minutes before the bus departs from the terminal. The web ticket is only valid on the day and the connection it was bought for. The web ticket is not refundable or interchangeable.

Return fare

Adults get a 10% discount on trips over 60 kilometres. A return ticket must be bought in advance from Matkahuolto. The return trip is valid for a month from the date bought.

Group fare

Groups from three persons up get a 25% discount on all trips over 60 kilometres. The group ticket must be bought in advance from Matkahuolto.


CityCity-ticket from Matkahuolto is an economic ticket meant for travelling between two pre defined cities. CityCity-ticket is suitable for passengers use the same route for at least twice a month.

Travel cards

Passengers travelling regularly on bus can save a significant amount of money by getting a travel card. Travel cards can be bought from Matkahuolto and later they can be recharged on the buses as well.

a 44 trip annual ticket saves over 25% compared to single fares. The card is valid for 12 months from the purchase date.

a 22 trip annual ticket saves over 15% compared to single fares. The card is valid for 12 months from the purchase date.

Many regions offer the chance to get regional tickets. Regional tickets are personal and valid for 30 days from the date of purchase. With a regional ticket you can travel freely inside the region. The price o f a regional ticket depends on the region. More info from Matkahuolto. www.matkahuolto.fi.

Combined fare

Combined fare tickets can be bought for a trip that includes bus change. The charge is based on the combined distance of the trip, which must be over 80 kilometres. A combined ticked is cheaper than the price of the single tickets for every leg of the trip. The combined tickets sold in our buses are generally only accepted on out own routes.

Express premium

Express premium, between 3,30–3,90€ is included in the Express fares. When using a pre-purchased regular ticket, the passenger is charged with a fixed 3,30€ Express premium.


Normal pets can travel on buses with an escort who is also responsible for them. Pets must travel so that they do not bother other passengers. Pets are not allowed to sit on the seats and they cannot be set free. The passengers with allergies have the right to choose their seats before passengers with pets. The other passengers however don’t have the right to decline guide dogs or helper dogs to enter the bus. There is no extra fee for pets travelling with passengers.


Passengers are entailed to have their luggage (max. two suitcases), skis and strollers carried for free. All other objects are subject to the charges set in the freight tariff.


Bikes can be carried on board if there is room for them in the freight compartment. The owner takes responsibility of the bikes. The fee for bike transports is 4–10€ depending on the trip.


The parcel service of Matkahuolto offers nationwide transport services. The speed and reliability of the service is based on the bus network covering the whole Finland. Over 20 000 scheduled daily departures and ca. 500 Matkahuolto service points all over Finland guarantee the fast deliveries. If there’s no service point in the destination, the parcel can be also dropped off in a bus.


Regular line halts at every intercity bus stop (blue sign) on the route

Fast regular line (pikavuoro) halts only in the cities marked in the timetable and if needed at the bus stops with “Pikavuoro”-signs.

Express line is faster than Fast regular line and halts only in the cities marked in the timetable.

Use of radio

Using radio is possible on buses if it doesn’t bother other passengers. The radio will be turned off if any of the passengers asks for it.

Disturbance on the bus

All passengers have the right to a pleasant bus trip and the personnel are entitled to undisturbed work conditions. The bus personnel have the right to remove a passenger that disturbs the other passengers or the personnel after being told to stop by them. If the passenger cannot be removed from the bus, the personnel are entitled to detain him/her until it becomes possible.

Delay or cancellation of a line

Passengers must be prepared that difficult weather and traffic conditions and holdups may extend the travel time from the one stated on the timetable. Passengers should also note that during national holidays the buses might run on a different schedule.

The possible compensation for a delayed or cancelled line is decided case by case. A passenger must try to contact the bus company immediately, if the delay or cancellation would threaten to cause him/her extra travel costs.

The bus company doesn’t take responsibility of the damages that the passenger could have avoided with reasonable effort.

The bus company is not liable to compensate delays or cancellations that are caused by force majeure.



Lost and found

All lost and found articles on our buses are delivered to Lost & Found International Turku office. The lost items can be inquired by phone from tel. 0600 03391. Additional information www.loytotavara.net.